• Dr. Giugi Carminati, Esq.

Basic Tech Literacy: Using Automatic Dating

Lesson: Don’t leave proper dating up to chance and never misdate a document again.

Word processing software has a function that inserts a self-updating date in documents. Finding out how to do that is the first step. Inserting this field in templates is the next.

First, the self-updating date field is under “Insert,” “Quick Parts,” “Field” and “Date.” You can choose the format of that date to be one of the following, based on context and purpose:



Friday, November 20, 2020

November 20, 2020

If appropriate, this field also allow you to add a time stamp, either in conjunction with the date or alone:

9:51 PM

11/20/2020 9:51 PM


Second, insert this in templates that would call for it. Examples are:

- Dates of Signature on Pleadings

- Dates on Certificates of Service

- Dates on Correspondence

- Dates of Execution on Subpoenas

Automatic dating removes the possibility of human error on documents that have to be updated on a same-day basis, over and over again. No more dupe and revise errors on dated templates.

This post is part of Basic Tech Tips for Legal Pros, available for download at http://www.GeekLikeAGirl.net.

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