• Dr. Giugi Carminati, Esq.

E-Case Management: There is No Such Thing as a Draft

When you draft a document and send it to team members for review, it needs to be as final as possible. Send the most complete version of the document, not something that you know needs additional work. What does this mean? Well, each document will have different elements to it. However, here are some common written products and how you can ensure they are ready for final review:


  • Is it on letterhead?

  • Is the letter properly dated?

  • Does it have the right signatory?

  • Are all recipient addresses on it?

  • Are all methods of delivery clearly identified?

  • Does it have a subject line and a descriptive subject?

Discovery Request

  • Is the caption correct?

  • Is the correct rule cited?

  • Are all relevant terms correctly defined?

  • Is the correct sender identified in the title?

  • Is the correct recipient identified in the title?

  • If it needs a verification block, does it have it?

  • Are the requests or interrogatories correctly numbered?

  • Is the Certificate of Service complete and accurately dated?

Motions, Responses, Replies

  • Is the caption correct?

  • Is the filing party correctly identified?

  • Does the document have properly used and formatted headers?

  • Does the document need a Certificate of Conferral and does it have one?

  • Is the document correctly dated?

  • Is the Certificate of Service complete and accurately dated?

  • Is the correct attorney in the signature block?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No” your document is not ready to be sent. Go back and review it again. Remember: there is no such thing as a “draft.”

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