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E-Case Management: Keeping a Service List

Who are the lawyers on the case? Who represents who? Who are the parties? Where can they be reached and how? Enter: the Service List.

Each casefile should have a service list and that service list should be detailed enough to be useful and accurate enough to be utterly reliable. The Service List, for better or for worse, is a powerful tool. So, what does a Service List look like?

First, a Service List should have the case caption, reflecting the case parties, the court, and the case number. This ensures it will not be confused with another case, or other parties, or another court.

Second, a Service List should identify all the parties in a case and whether they are plaintiffs, defendants, or third-party intervenors. This ensures clarity of parties.

Third, the Service List has to reflect the attorneys, law firms, law firm addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for the lawyers in the case, associating them with the parties they represent.



Count Dracula

330 Wasn’t Me Avenue

Transylvania, GA 30302



Represented By:

John Doe, Esq.

88 Pale Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90210




Buffy Slayer

2122 Vampire Lane

Scranton, PA 00203



Represented By:

Jane Smith, Esq.

123 Lawyer Lane, Suite 300

Denver, CO 80237


Ph: 720.330.3333

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