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Livable Law™

Bringing project management to solo, small, and plaintiffs' firms.

We believe that the practice of law is broken, and because of this, it is breaking lawyers. We need this to stop by doing more than paying lip service to the devastating mental health impact that this profession has on its members.

We believe that late nights and unpredictable hours are symptoms of mismanagement, not inherent in the work. We have to approach work management at firms by recognizing that bandwidth, focus, and production are renewable resources, only if people are given an opportunity for renewal and balance.

We believe that practicing law has to be orders of magnitude less stressful to ensure longevity among lawyers and staff. Deadlines, work assignments, and accountability can be transparent, orderly, and monitored.

But how?

By decoupling firm management from case management, and by recognizing that law firms need to adopt project management solutions for their cases, their people, and their work.

Legal Project Management is the solution that's been in front of us all along.

Which is why Livable Law was created.

Through the Livable Law methodology, Geek Like a Girl provides customized solutions for your firm, and your caseload, specifically identifying pain points and forever banning near misses, high-stress environments, and the impossible demands created by bottleneck managers.

Contact us today for a menu of services, ranging from a two-day site visit resulting in concrete recommendations and action plans to short-term help implementing LPM techniques to retaining a long-term outside Legal Project Manager.

Livable Law is specifically designed for solo, small, and plaintiffs' firms.

Reach out today to see if we can help.