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Practical Thoughts & Lessons in
Legal Project Management,
Small Scale E-Discovery, and
Legal Tech Implementation

Welcome! This project is the result of over a decade in litigation. From Big Firm to boutique, to solo practice and small firm, from defense to plaintiff representation, from commercial litigation to family law, civil rights, employment law, and a touch of criminal defense....

Time and time again, Giugi Carminati (the proverbial geek) found herself dealing with the same frustrations and knowledge gaps within her teams.

Time and time again, Giugi faced the complete lack of formal management in firms, resulting in unlivable stress levels and unacceptable work demands.

After years of explaining the same e-discovery, procedure, and file management concepts to paralegals, legal assistants, associates, and colleagues, she realized the issue was endemic. Technology and leveraging technology to organize cases continues to be a niche area, rather than a basic skill set. So Geek Like a Girl came to be.

Geek Like a Girl is a multi-faceted resource for legal professionals who want to fill the gaps between school and on-the-job learning at a law firm. Welcome! And please come back soon.

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Livable Law

What if the Practice of Law Could Actually be Livable?

Geek Like a Girl now offers its project management approach to cases, by providing consulting to develop bespoke standard procedures, legal tech recommendations, and e-discovery procedures for firms ranging from solo to small firms, and plaintiff boutiques.

For all the ways that your cases, your work, and the competing demands on time, resources, and personnel, keep you up at night, we're here to help.

Our mission is to make the practice of law livable by changing the current (mis)management culture and instead adopting legal project management, e-discovery, and legal tech methods in firms of every size, from solo to boutique plaintiff firms.

If you believe the practice of law could be better, for you, your firm, your employees, and ultimately your clients, but you don't know where to start, Livable Law is the consulting you need.

Welcome to Livable Law.

A paradigm shift.




The Ethical Requirements of Proper Document Management and E-Discovery.

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